Fundatia Conservation Carpathia has an innovative approach to the conservation of large surfaces.

We base our work on a team of highly motivated and highly skilled people. We believe in responsibility, low hierarchies, and personal belief into our common goal.

FCC works with local communities, national authorities, the civil society, and international bodies. We look at the wider picture beyond our own nose, have respect for all our partners, but are firm in achieving our goals.

Working for FCC is more than a job, it becomes a way of life.



Fundatia Conservation Carpathia (FCC) is a Romanian NGO with the goal to create a world-class wilderness reserve in the Southern Romanian Carpathians for the benefit of biodiversity and local communities.

Next to this forest conservation project, FCC is involved in a number of conservation enterprises, amongst them a 500 ha organic farm with several beautifully restored buildings in the village of Cobor, Ticusu Commune, Brasov County. The infrastructure will be all finished in early summer 2017 and the farm has already started to develop its economic activities with livestock breeding, horse livery, and eco-tourism.

The vision for the farm is to create a model, where biodiversity conservation and profitability go hand in hand: Whilst protecting and enhancing the local biodiversity, the farm should create sufficient profits to support a part of Fundatia Conservation Carpathia’s core costs.

At current, the farm has ca. 20 horses in livery, owns a cattle herd of ca. 70 Black Angus (but we intend to substitute this over time to Hungarian Grey Cattle), runs two guesthouses with a total of 12 rooms and a seminar building, and starts to develop the production of essences and oils for a big international organic cosmetic company. A total of 6 persons (plus seasonably changing daily labourers) is currently employed for the farm, but we intend to increase the number of staff with the further development of the farm. Until the end of 2017 we also intend to develop a herd of free-ranging Mangalita pigs.

We are now looking for a new managing team for the Cobor Farm with the following attributions:


  • Managing the farm with its four economic pylons
  • Representation of the farm and of FCC towards guests and in working groups
  • Recruiting and supervising local staff
  • Organising all day-by- day activities on the farm
  • Implementing the tourism programme
  • Running and supervising the farm’s restaurant
  • Obtaining necessary authorisations
  • Organising maintenance of equipment
  • Developing further economic activities of the farm (e.g. vegetable production)
  • Organising sales of products


  • Degree in Natural Sciences preferably in agriculture or biology;
  • A minimum experience of two years in an organic farm;
  • A minimum experience of two years in a leading position;
  • Experience with livestock breeding;
  • Experience with agricultural machinery;
  • Well organised and structured personality;
  • Willingness to work long hours with limited possibilities for holidays during the tourism and agricultural season;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office;
  • Excellent knowledge (written and spoken) of at least English and Romanian language;


We could imagine both a managing couple with responsibilities for everything, or to split responsibilities amongst several people.

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