How was the first edition of the “Cobor între Stejari” festival?

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The first edition of the “Cobor între Stejari” festival gathered more than 1000 lovers of nature, a range of outdoor activities and local gastronomy in the village of Cobor, Brașov County. The festival, organised by Foundation Conservation Carpathia with the support of the OAK Foundation, took place from 3rd – 4th June and started with the ‘Carpathia Bike Tour’ (the second edition), a cycling event that brought together over 130 participants. The first edition of  “Cobor între Stejari” was a meeting place for the old and the new, an opportunity to discover nature through walks in the pastures of ancient oaks, tours in the village of Cobor, at the Cobor Biodiversity Farm and in the meadows where new oak saplings are taking root.

The event took place in the oldest Transylvanian village, Cobor, and is an initiative of Foundation Conservation Carpathia, which aims to promote a model of tourism based on local natural values.

During the day, the festival participants hiked to the ancient oaks of Ticuș, and at the end of the trail they enjoyed a cello recital by Radu Croitoru, cellist of the Brașov Philharmonic Orchestra, and went on village and farm tours, and in the Reformed Church they learned the stories of the place and experienced the moment intensely thanks to the concert of the 4Tune Quartet.

The stars of the tours were the Transylvanian Grey cattle, a breed of semi-wild cattle brought back to Cobor by Foundation Conservation Carpathia, which graze freely on the meadows here.

The evenings of the two-day festival were dedicated to dancing and good music. On the first evening, Mădălina Pavăl and her Orchestra created a wave of emotion that went beyond the stage and captivated the whole audience. On the second evening, the participants enjoyed authentic old-time lute music brought to Cobor by Simion Bogdan Mihai and Lăutarii de Mătase.

Participants who wanted to surprise their loved ones back home could send postcards during the festival, thanks to a partnership with the Romanian Post Office. During the festival, guests could also admire a photo exhibition highlighting the fascinating nature of the Făgăraș Mountains.

Through the “Cobor între Stejari” festival, Foundation Conservation Carpathia aims to revitalise local communities by promoting natural values and creating different experiences.


About the festival “Cobor între Stejari”

The festival was created by Foundation Conservation Carpathia, with the support of the OAK Foundation, with the aim of highlighting the pastures with centuries-old oaks around the village of Cobor and presenting the ongoing efforts to restore them. Foundation Conservation Carpathia started an ecological restoration project in the area in 2019, when more than 550 sessile oak (Quercus petraea) saplings were planted, and this spring another 150 saplings were planted here. The village of Cobor, one of the oldest villages in Transylvania, lies in the middle of these unique European oak pastures.