Foundation Conservation Carpathia has an innovative approach to the conservation of large surfaces.

We base our work on a team of highly motivated and highly skilled people. We believe in responsibility, low hierarchies, and personal belief into our common goal.

FCC works with local communities, national authorities, the civil society, and international bodies. We look at the wider picture beyond our own nose, have respect for all our partners, but are firm in achieving our goals.

Working for FCC is more than a job, it becomes a way of life.

Conservation Enterprise Manager

FCC wants to develop a range of nature-based businesses, providing jobs and other benefits for local people. Investment in nature-based businesses will create a new economic model for the Carpathians, ensuring financial sustainability and political support for nature.

This important role will oversee the development of a range of businesses in the ecotourism, forestry and food production sectors. The successful candidate will be supported by Conservation Capital (www.conservation- who are a technical partner for the business component of the CARPATHIA initiative.

Primary responsabilities:

  • Manage and drive forward FCC owned enterprises (in the ecotourism, forestry and food production sectors);
  • Support the fundraising process for the CARPATHIA Fund (a new investment entity for developing nature-based businesses);
  • Identify relevant partner enterprises in the Fagaras area and beyond.

Job details: ToR FCC Conservation Enterprise Manager


Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) is implementing a comprehensive programme of conservation activities in the Fagaras Mountains, Southern Carpathians. Through EU – LIFE and other funding programmes, FCC is implementing the project “Creation of a wilderness reserve in the Southern Carpathian Mountains” (LIFE18 NAT/RO 001082).

Some of the proposed conservation activities refer to the Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), for which we want to enlarge our team with a bird specialist.

The description of the main roles and responsibilities are in the attached terms of reference.

Potential candidates are requested to send the CV and the letter of intent by filling and uploading in the online form.

Join the Carpathia team!

Job details: ToR FCC Ornithologist


Curriculum Vitae

Letter of intent


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