Carpathian shepherd dogs offered for free

By 12 September 2019 No Comments

Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) started offering the first free puppies of certified Romanian Carpathian shepherd dogs to local farmers that graze on the pastures managed by FCC in the Făgăraș Mountains area. Donating dogs is part of the foundation’s strategy to prevent the damage caused by large carnivores among livestock.

The Carpathian shepherd dogs are suitable for the protection of the herd, they do not attack the people and they have an imposing stature in front of the predators. But the main reason why this breed was chosen is the revitalization of this native species, which has been replaced in recent years with dogs that are aggressive towards humans. The puppies come from the Carpathian shepherd dogs breeding program developed by the foundation within the Cobor Biodiversity Farm, started this year within the Endangered Landscape Programme. In 2019, 15 dogs will be available, and the number will be supplemented with future generations.

Farmers who will receive the dogs will have to meet a minimum set of conditions for a period of one year, after which they then they become the owners of the dogs. During this period, it is mandatory for the dogs to have a decent treatment, to be properly fed and to be provided with the necessary veterinary treatments.

“The choice of this program for breeding and offering free puppies is normal and natural in the context of developing a sustainable management of the relationship between humans and wildlife,” says Adrian Aldea, FCC wildlife management biologist. “Dogs from the Romanian shepherd’s dog breed are native species that have guarded Romanian shepherds since ancient times, developing a healthy balance in relation to nature and the other animal species that live around the communities. The program started this year by the foundation is just one of the solutions we propose for a better management of the human-wildlife conflict.”