Children and the forest

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The first presentation about the forest and its role took place at the Podu Dâmboviţa Secondary School. We proposed an interactive lesson for the large audience, with curious eyes, who was heavily involved in our games and activities about the forest. Our visit was an occasion of joy, play and learning, the students of the Podu Dâmboviţa Secondary School being extremely interested and willing to meet our challenge: to create and offer a gift to the Forest. We have received many interesting questions and answers, we have played and learned a lot of new things about the forest and its role in our lives.

During 9th-17th May, the interactive lessons about the forest continued in the schools from the local communities of Natura2000 site Râul Târgului – Râuşor – Argeşel: Dragoslavele, Valea Mare Pravăţ, Nămăieşti, Voineşti, Lereşti, Albeştii de Muscel, Bughea de Sus, Nucşoara.

It was a special experience, we had the pleasure of knowing the children from our protected area, learning together, seriously thinking about what we can assume at the individual level for the common good and the good of nature.

The students from the Natura2000 site Râul Târgului – Râuşor – Argeşel were extremely receptive to our challenge. They created distinguished and original gifts, the presents were made with care and respect for nature and forest. Children offered over 120 gifts for the forest, made by themselves. It has been very difficult for us to choose only few gifts from the students, those who will receive a trip in the protected area. From our point of view, the gifts meant dedication, desire and a lot of love offered by the children for the forest.