We work to create Europe’s largest forested National Park.


Since its inception, the project has purchased over 26,900 hectares of forests and alpine meadows in the southeastern Carpathians for restoration and full protection.

Obtaining the highest legal protection level for all acquired land is the core of this initiative – already over 8,000 hectares of forests have been declared as non-intervention zones in the Făgăraș Mountains Natura 2000 management plan or were included as core areas of the Piatra Craiului National Park. Almost 1,000 hectares of these forests are completely untouched and part of it has already been introduced into the National Catalogue of Virgin and Quasi-virgin Forests, to protect these jewels in perpetuity. The presence of Foundation Conservation Carpathia rangers, patrolling an area of over 75,000 hectares, has also led to a full stop on illegal logging in the neighbouring forests.

Romania has over 6 million hectares of forests, of which a significant portion is still virgin; large, unfragmented mountain areas with no settlements except in the surrounding foothills; mountains of stunning beauty, surrounded by natural forests; untamed rivers, whose dynamic flows still shape the valleys; bears, wolves, and lynx, which are still commonly seen in their natural environment; and over 3,700 plant species, many of them endemic to the region.


With this unique natural heritage, Romania could and must become a European and even global leader in biodiversity conservation and the top destination for eco-tourism on the continent.


For the last thirteen years, Foundation Conservation Carpathia has worked tirelessly to promote awareness of the importance of Europe’s few remaining expanses of old growth forest. It has come to have a leading role in the campaign to encourage the protection of important wild spaces, higher standards of conservation, as well as sustainable farming and the well being of the wider population.


Beyond this protection, Foundation Conservation Carpathia has bought and restored more than 1,991 hectares of clear-cuts, alpine pastures, and spruce monocultures, has planted over 4.1 million saplings, created 9 tree nurseries, and conducted erosion control works on over 30 km of former tractor tracks. All the works are involving Foundation Conservation Carpathia specialised personnel as well as an average of 200 seasonal workers hired from the local communities.


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