Cycling enthusiasts are invited to the Carpathia Bike Tour, Cobor edition


Foundation Conservation Carpathia and the Cobor Biodiversity Farm are organising on 18th June the Carpathia Bike Tour, Cobor edition, a cycling event that promotes biking in an area of unique biodiversity in the country, the Transylvanian Hills.

Along the 80 km route starting from Rupea Fortress, participants will discover the charm of the Transylvanian Hills, their cultural and historical values, ride through old Saxon villages and past fortified churches to Cobor, a Transylvanian village from the 13th century. Cobor is a remote village with a declining population, where we are developing a biodiversity conservation and sustainable grassland management project, while promoting eco-tourism in the guesthouses we have restored from old houses or ruins.

At the farm cyclists will enjoy the taste of our goulash recipe and get energised with seasonal jams and syrups.

For a complete experience, during the Carpathia Bike Tour we have also prepared a tour of the horse livery pastures, a visit to the farm that is home to over 100 Transylvanian Grey cattle, and the kennels of the Carpathian Shepherd dogs the foundation breeds to donate to farmers as part of the process of preventing conflicts with wild animals.

The Cobor Biodiversity Farm is a model because of its nature-friendly model of agriculture and pasture management. Not only are the horses and cattle kinder to the pastures in terms of grazing than sheep, but the Transylvanian Grey cattle were almost extinct from Romania. Before seeing them live, people might have been more familiar with the breed as illustrated by the renown Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu in the painting called “The Ox Cart”.

On the return route, cyclists will also be able to see one of the ancient oak pastures. Within a 20 km radius around Cobor there are five of the largest oak pastures in Romania.

The tour will end with a visit to the Rupea Fortress, a remarkable architectural complex, used in defence until the 18th century.

The event is addressed to cycling enthusiasts who are used to longer distance rides, who appreciate the experience of the route more than the speed, and who appreciate the moderate difficulty of the ride.

Details and recommendations:

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Carpathia Bike Tour is a new concept of cycling event that promotes cycling whilst highlighting biodiversity. The event is in its first edition.