Foundation Conservation CARPATHIA is committed to fully restore the Carpathian ecosystem

Our Vision

We aim to create a world-class wilderness reserve in the Southern Romanian Carpathians, large enough to support significant numbers of large carnivores and to allow evolutionary processes to happen.

Our Mission

The foundation shall contribute to the conservation and restoration of the natural Carpathian ecosystem, for the benefit of biodiversity and local communities, by acquiring, protecting and administrating forests and natural grasslands.

Ongoing Projects


In August 2012, FCC started the LIFE+ project “Ecological restoration of forest and aquatic habitats in the Upper Dambovita Valley, Muntii Fagaras”, with the goal to secure the remaining virgin forests and to restore the natural forest and river ecosystems. Actions include the control and repair of erosion on skidding tracks ...

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EEA Grants Clear-cut Restoration

Following the forest restitution in 2005, massive clear-cuts have destroyed thousands of hectares in the South-Eastern Fagaras Mountains. Based on the experiences in the LIFE project and with financial help of the EEA Grants, FCC has started to restore another 100 ha of clear-cuts by rebuilding the forest floor on eroded tractor tracks ...

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Wildlife Watching Programme

Wildlife populations in the Dimbovita Valley have declined considerably throughout the last 20 years due to poaching and overhunting. The CARPATHIA project has leased the 13,500 ha hunting area “Dimbovita Headwaters” with the goal to fully protect wildlife. In March 2015 we received funding from the EEA Grants to develop a wildlife watching programme ...

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ECOSS Project

To develop a new economy around the future CARPATHIA National Park, FCC received financial aid from the EEA Grants to explore conservation values and business opportunities around the Fagaras Mountains. The development of conservation enterprises ...

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Cobor Organic Farm Project

Conservation and business rarely go hand in hand. Due to a generous donation of Markus Jebsen, FCC received several hundred hectares of farmland in the village of Cobor, a remote and dream-struck village 13 km northeast of the city of Fagaras in the Transylvanian hills. We are now developing an organic farm, which combines biodiversity conservation on high nature value grasslands with the production of high-quality and healthy food …

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Our footprint of fine figures

28,300 ha

Of Hunting Free Zone

20,000 ha

Saved for Full Protection


Trees Planted

Experience CARPATHIA

We invite you to join in on our CARPATHIA experience. There are good reasons to join:

Europe’s Wildest Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains are one of the wildest and most beautiful parts of Europe. Wolves, bears, and lynx roam the vast forests, almost the whole original flora and fauna is still present. There is no other place of comparable size left in Europe, where you can experience such stunning and pristine nature.

A place to reconnect with nature

CARPATHIA is a place to re-connect with nature, to recharge, to get inspiration, and to admire the best Romania has to offer. Some days or weeks in the mountains will certainly refresh your view and increase your passion for a wilder world.

The green backbone of Europe

CARPATHIA, the green backbone of Europe, is threatened by uncontrolled logging, overhunting, and uncontrolled development in these stunning valleys. By visiting with alongside CARPATHIA accredited businesses, you directly contribute to the development of a new economy, which is based on conservation and protection instead of exploitation and extraction.

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We are training guides, building wildlife watching hides, and preparing to have great opportunities to experience CARPATHIA. Our offers will start in 2017, if you want to be informed about these possibilities, please check the booking section and contact us at info@conservationcarpathia.org

Natura 2000 Sites

Ongoing Actions

  • Today we had a pleasant meeting with our neighbours from the Touristic Information Centre in Comăna commune. We have discussed about past and future events we can organise, for the ecotouristic development of the area.
  •   If it’s summer, it is hay season at our organic farm! Together with our employees and seasonal workers from the local community, we have reached 100 tons of hay so far, and we have not finished… Spend your vacation at Cobor and, if you want, you can help farming!
  •   Together with our partner organisations in Romania we have developed a common position in relation to the proposed Ministerial Order about carnivore management. LCP_Workshop statement_FINAL-en
  •   On the 16 th of June 2017, Fundatia Conservation Carpathia organized the 4 th meeting of the Consultative Committee, a group of experts from different institutions, which advice the Foundation frequently during the implementation of the LIFE+ project LIFE11/NAT/RO/823 –“Ecological reconstruction of forest and aquatic habitats in upper DambovitaRead More...
  •   Today, at the Bucharest National Library we have participated at the event organised by the Ministry of Environment. Networking, sharing good practices and good results of Life projects conducted all over Romania, photo exhibition with images from our project, a flash mob, nature themed games with 80 children andRead More...
  •   In 2012, FCC has started the project “Ecological restoration of forest and aquatic habitats in the upper Dambovita Valley, Fagaras Mountains” LIFE11/NAT/RO/823 Uncontrolled logging has destroyed significant parts of the forest surface and has even taken a toll on the virgin forests still present in the Dambovita Valley. ThisRead More...
  •   What a beautiful and impactful project we have on-going, as custodian of Natura 2000 site, Raul Targului – Argesel – Rausor. Financed by Fundatia pentru Parteneriat and MOL, “The history of the forest” project has 5 complex activities: 1. A caravan with ecological education workshops in all of theRead More...
  •   Another week, another fun and educational session with the eighth graders from Nicolae Balcescu Pitesti secondary school, at Cabana Miraj from Satic. Together with their teachers Mihaela Chitea and Mihaela Boboc, the students found out about the results of Life+ project, about our successful replanting campaigns (500 ha soRead More...
  •   Yesterday, April 25th, Institute of Biology – Romanian Academy Bucharest, as project promoter, hold the closing conference within the project PeatRO. Our colleague, Dr. Oliviu G. Pop was one of the speakers. Last year, he has actively participated at this project, representing Fundatia Conservation Carpathia, in this important peatlandRead More...
  •   What a wonderful way of celebrating Earth Day: together with the children from our project area! Part as Life+ project, today we have organised two events dedicated to the forests, with I.L. Caragiale Pitesti secondary school, Clubul Prieteniei Association and Dambovicioara Touristic Information Center. We have presented the Life+Read More...
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