We are pleased to announce that our close partner, the Wyss Foundation, has transferred their properties of total 6,700 ha of forests and alpine meadows to FCC for the creation of the Fagaras Mountains National Park. The vast majority of these properties have already the status of a non-intervention area of the ROSCI0122 Fagaras Mountains Natura 2000 site. FCC will hold these properties until the Fagaras Mountains National Park is established and will then donate all FCC land holdings to the Romania state as a core area of a modern National Park with international standards.

The Wyss Foundation agreed to continue to support FCC’s acquisition, restoration and management of the project area. We on our side will continue to work on one of the largest conservation projects in Europe and will follow our vision to create a large wilderness reserve in the Southern Carpathians!

We are thankful for the trust and the support of the Wyss Foundation and we encourage you to join our cause: Protection of forests and wildlife, replanting and prevention of soil erosion, to avoid natural disasters. We will also continue to develop conservation enterprises, for the benefit of local communities surrounding the Fagaras Mountains.


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