The weather was unsteady during the last three-four weeks. Our plans for autumn replanting were disturbed by rainy days or sporadic snow: we have replanted around 20.000 saplings out of 40.000 planned. Yet, no big problem, we will make up for this next spring!

We are happy with the surface where we managed to cut the grass around the saplings in different clear-cut restoration sites, to protect them from being pressed down by snow because of the dens strong grass around. We also continue with the monitoring of general regeneration and erosion control.

We are glad that we have succeeded to collect or to buy seeds for future fir and spruce saplings and that we have finished the works on the new tree nurseries. We have seeded some river banks with and we have planted alder saplings on the remaining Dambovita river banks.

In the wildlife management area 21 Dimbovita Springs we conducted chamois monitoring, and had 20 direct observations of chamois; total estimate reported, with other two neighbor funds are 40-45 individuals.
While patrolling to prevent illegal cuttings and other violations of protected area regulations, we took some photos of the new, white scenery, that we invite you to look at.

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