28.04.2016 – A trip in the project area and the results

During a rainy period, few sun beams were well appreciated on April 28th, when our guests, officials of local authorities, media representatives and our partners, came to join us on an outdoor trip to evaluate the results of our recent restoration activities.

The morning started with a short presentation of the project’s results at Satic primary school. In the frame of the project “Reconstruction of forest habitats in Dambovita Valley in severe erosion areas caused by inappropriate logging”, 10 km of tractor tracks have been repaired and 8,5 ha have been replanted with 35.000 saplings, which represent a new generation of a natural forest. A lot of effort was invested in it, but we accomplished more than we had proposed, as the initial plan had been to repair 9.5 km and plant 5 ha.

With this presentation, the project has come to its end.

We appreciate all the help received in this project: The Victor Slavescu High school from Rucar, Rucar town hall, volunteers, workers, project team members, CARPATHIA Forest Service and also the grant operator, Fundatia pentru Parteneriat Miercurea Ciuc, who guided us with high professionalism during the implementation process.

Enjoy your new natural forest!

25.03.2016 - Acquiring seedlings announcement

Foundation Conservation Carpathia is intending to purchase 9.250 saplings of spruce and 5.000 saplings of sycamore, for forest habitat reconstruction activities.  Interested bidders are invited to send their offers until 4th of pril 2016, via email to Contact person, Daniel Bucur.

13-14.11.2015 – Planting trees in Dambovita Valley

Between 13th to 14th of November, 34 pupils and students, answered to our call for voluntarily planting seedlings on deforested areas in Dambovita Valley .
In these 2 days, approx. 1.5 ha were planted with species like beech, spruce, maple and mountain ash as part of the reconstruction project that we operate here through the NGO Fund.

Thanks to the bighearted volunteers who, though inexperienced, were still motivated to go through a hard walk on to the plantation, they have learned the meaning of life without the forest and how hard it is to rebuild what others have destroyed.

We thank the Mayor of Rucar and Mrs. Director of the Rucar high school. They have helped tremendously!
We hope to see you guys, next time!

October 10th, 2015 – We help the forest to recover! Join us!

We have achieved a lot: 10 km of tractor tracks filled with fresh soil for planting trees. Dambovita Valley receives a new chance to live.

But we cannot rest. Once we have accomplished the top soil restoration, we have to organise planting.

It is time now to plan it thoroughly and a lot depends on the weather. If is too hot or too cold, we might risk the saplings viability, so we have to get the right timing.

We will start planting after 20th of October. Team-up and call us if you want to volunteer. The experience will be worth it!

07.09.2015 - We finished the soil preparation for planting in Rachita and Baltatu.

We’ve had 3 great months for restoration works.

Most of the time we had good weather conditions, but we’ve had a couple of mini-excavator hick-ups that requested professional mechanic’s attention.

However, we’ve managed to repair the top soil on 8 km of eroded tracks and we made 20 small wooden dams for slowing the water flows.

These areas will be planted this fall with saplings for the next forest to come into our professional care.

16.06.2015 - Mechanical work in Richita makes good progress

A functional mini excavator, a passionate driver and four workers already finished restoration of the first 2.6 km eroded tracks for autumn planting. Four wooden dams were made for stopping the water flows on steep slopes. Total plantation area will sum up to 1.3 ha, which will ensure restoration of the forest habitat on almost 30 hectares.

07.05.2015 - Manual work before the mini excavator

We start filling the eroded tractor tracks with dry wood and branches from past forest exploitation. Four workers from the local village have been hired for this purpose and equipped with special protection gear. Restoration also creates jobs!

04.05.2015 - Help is coming - Purchase of a mini excavator

Following public procurement regulations, a public tender has been undertaken to purchase a small excavator capable to climb the steep hills and to fill the trenches left after the heavy exploitation of timber in Richita and Baltatu. Next to economic and technical considerations, we put an emphasis on environmental specifications such as low noise, low fuel consumption and emissions, small dimensions and rubber tracks.

16.04.2015 - Field inventory of erosion problems

After a long winter with heavy snow throughout March and April, Richita is difficult to reach by foot. Nevertheless a thorough inventory has been made and we measured almost 3 km of eroded tracks which we proposed to be included into the erosion control measures.

18.03.2015 - Press release for project launch

Public information and details about the project has been sent to the Press. Information has been published on our Facebook page as well.

02.03.2015 - Signature of contract

After approval of our project application “Reconstruction of forest habitats on Dambovita Valley in severe erosion areas, caused by inappropriate logging”, the funding contract between the NGO Funds and FCC has been signed.