We have more “guests” at Cobor: 16 horses enjoy their stay here. How wouldn’t they as the space is so large and the grass never finishes?

19.07.2016 – HAY...A LOT OF HAY!

The grass is amazing this year! Locals say it has never been so juicy, so thick and so tall! If you walk over the meadows you sometimes wish you were a horse…

It’s been almost two weeks since we have started hay cutting on the pastures and we are far away from finishing. We take a break only when it rains, otherwise the days are long and active, especially when you have reliable, eco-friendly helps: Brielmaier mowers and our local team. A lot to do to r…each the target of 20.000 bales of hay …
The horses, which are staying in Cobor and our Angus cattle will have gourmet meals over the winter!

05.06.2016 – SPRING FARMING

Lots of things to do at our farm! We have seeded the alfalfa and rain and sunny days helped it to start growing. Our vegetable garden looks amazing. We have peas, tomatoes, onions, peppers, eggplants, cauliflower – and the potatoes are growing in straw, following the principles of permaculture (last year we were excited by the good results).

We look forward to welcome you to Cobor, to share the rustic beauty of our farm with you!


Last Monday, our first 40 heads of Black Angus have arrived at the Cobor Farm. Now, they have spent the first week in an acclimatization pen, starting from today we will slowly increase their range and they will be grazing parts of our land. We have purchased these 39 cows and one bull for the initial phase of the farm for organic meat production, in a later stage they will be complemented with autochthonous Transylvanian breeds such as Hungarian Grey Cattle and Water Buffaloes.


We have now finished our rehab center for horses at our Cobor Farm and welcomed the first horses. It offers ten 4×4 m boxes with the possibility to extend them into small paddocks of up to additional 4x6m. A round pen and a variety of smaller or larger pastures allow the healing and rehabilitation process to develop step by step.
The horses are under the regular observation surveillance of our regional vet and of our keeper/trainer that takes care of them. They have access to grass and hay from our meadows in Cobor, which are so rich and juicy.
The center allows a flexible rehabilitation under controlled conditions in an area with good climate and clean air. And our prices are much lower than a comparable place in Bucharest or any of the larger city: 250 Euro/month with food included.
Please contact us if you are interested to box your rehab horse at the Cobor farm!

08.01.2016 – A GOOD start OF THE YEAR!

Our first and long expected tractor has arrived, with its plow, disk, square baler, rake, trailer, which we have already started using. We have also finished drilling the well and we are starting to introduce the pipes. The shaft will serve the guest house, the rehabilitation barn for horses, the horse caretakers home and the manager’s house.

5.12.2015 – Preparation of overgrown meadows

Approximately 12 hectares of grassland have been cleared from unwanted bushes, thistles, and maule-hills and tested during this action the Brielmaier mowers; we were so convinced by them, that we ordered one for the farm now.

5.12.2015 – Roof work on House nr. 282

Taking advantage of the fact that winter has not arrived yet, the roof work at the guest house at no. 282 is nearly completed. The roof has been extended by 6 meters, and the industrial tiles from the entire surface of the roof part facing the courtyard have been exchanged with traditional handmade tiles.


On November 11th, we met with specialists from ADEPT at our Cobor Farm to discuss the results of the biodiversity study from last summer. Based on this study, we will decide about a farm management plan. We spent half a day walking over the fields and found nice locations for horse and cattle pastures, for hay making, areas which we will restore some wetlands, or a great spot for our free-ranging pigs. All management will have the conservation and restoration of the existing biodiversity as the main principle.