05.05.2017: Children and the forest

The first presentation about the forest and its role took place at the Podu Dâmboviţa Secondary School. We proposed an interactive lesson for the large audience, with curious eyes, who was heavily involved in our games and activities about the forest. Our visit was an occasion of joy, play and learning, the students of the Podu Dâmboviţa Secondary School being extremely interested and willing to meet our challenge: to create and offer a gift to the Forest. We have received many interesting questions and answers, we have played and learned a lot of new things about the forest and its role in our lives.

During 9th-17th May, the interactive lessons about the forest continued in the schools from the local communities of Natura2000 site Râul Târgului – Râuşor – Argeşel: Dragoslavele, Valea Mare Pravăţ, Nămăieşti, Voineşti, Lereşti, Albeştii de Muscel, Bughea de Sus, Nucşoara.

It was a special experience, we had the pleasure of knowing the children from our protected area, learning together, seriously thinking about what we can assume at the individual level for the common good and the good of nature.

The students from the Natura2000 site Râul Târgului – Râuşor – Argeşel were extremely receptive to our challenge. They created distinguished and original gifts, the presents were made with care and respect for nature and forest. Children offered over 120 gifts for the forest, made by themselves. It has been very difficult for us to choose only few gifts from the students, those who will receive a trip in the protected area. From our point of view, the gifts meant dedication, desire and a lot of love offered by the children for the forest.

10-11 mai 2017: Forest History

The older students from the Natura2000 site Râul Targului – Râuşor – Argeşel, respectively the 9th grade and the 11th grade, environmental protection profile, of the Victor Slăvescu Technological High School from Rucăr, were invited to participate actively in the Forest History project.

The students from the 11th grade have launched an invitation to be the authors of an electronic booklet about the history of forests from the protected area, based on the sources identified by themselves, having as a starting point a structure established by the Carpathia specialists.

We wanted to create a different learning context whereby students of the 11th grade can discover the history of forests in their own area by using different sources of information: monographs, site legends, interviews with the eldest inhabitants of the site, toponymy, forestry specialists, internet etc.

We encourage long-term thinking and we want young people to become active, responsible citizens so that in the last chapter of the electronic booklet, 11th grade students are invited to come up with their recommendations on responsible forest management for the future. The students of the 9th grade, Environmental Protection profile, from Victor Slăvescu Technological High School from Rucăr, were invited to participate in the project actions.

They will actively participate in the development of the thematic trail “Forest History” in Sătic area, a thematic trail dedicated to children and to all who love nature. Students of the 9th grade will have the opportunity to see and understand how to plan a thematic trail in the field, to offer input on the panels design for Carpathia team and to accompany the first visitors on the thematic trail, to provide feedback and to propose solutions for nature interpretation and guidance trough the trail, from the perspective of the target group.

12 mai 2017: Press conference

A press conference was held to promote the activities of the Forest History Project, a project funded by the Environmental Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania, implemented by the Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

The whole project is based on the idea of learning by experience and the reconnection of local communities with forests around them. In this regard, the press conference took place as an interactive lesson, attended by students of the 11th grade, environmental protection profile, “Victor Slăvescu” Technological High School Rucăr, the future authors of the electronic booklet “The history of the forest”. The project activities were presented, discussions were held on the importance of protected areas, the role of the forest and the human impact on it, the students were involved in various practical applications, which were meant to guide them to their own conclusions and to offer them the possibility to understands the role of the forest from the perspective of its “inhabitants”: wild animals, birds, tree species, rivers, etc.

03 - 29 mai 2017: The thematic trail: execution

We started the work on the thematic trail “Forest History”, in Satic area of Argeş County. After a detailed field research of the proposed trail and its navigation with the GPS, after the agreement of the owners in the area, we actually started working on the trail: we set the materials and the type of panels we need, the elements of nature interpretation and last but not least the suprise elements that tourists will discover on the trail. Of course, the hardest physical work followed: installing the interpretive panels on the trail and crossing the route with heavy pillars behind.

The new visiting infrastructure will offer children and tourists of all ages the opportunity to explore the forest and learn interesting information about the protected area – Natura2000 site Râul Târgului – Râuşor – Argeşel, in an interesting way. The thematic trail Forest History is the first environmental education tool in our protected area and will be a good opportunity for outdoor lessons, exploration learning, as well as an easy way to turn a hike into an interactive experience.

29.05.2017: Forest friends on the trip

Approx. 50 students and teachers participated in the trip organized within the Carpathia team project. The children visited the nursery Valea Vladului where they saw the seedlings cared by Foundation Conservation Carpathia wich will form a new forest.

Then followed a short and fun trip on the thematic trail Forest History, where the kids learned curiosities about nature, what to look out for on the trail, where Natura 2000 site Râul Târgului- Argeşel – Râuşor is situated and what wonderful wonders Nature hides. After a well-deserved break, the children discovered how agile wild animals are and tried to measure their strengths with the frog, the rabbit,the fox and the chamois, trying to overcome them in jump.

After they enjoyed hidden goodies puted in a hollow by an owl, the forest cooled them and told them her history and how important it is for humans. Finally, for their gift, the forest thanked to the children and granted them with the diploma “Forest Protectors”. We broke up with the promise of a closer review.