Corul SymbolIn the forest a fir needs to grow 10-12 years, to reach the height of 1.5 – 2 meters. The fir tree is a symbol species in Romania, which suffers from climate change, cutting and regeneration management of the last 100 years and also from the cutting, before the Christmas holidays.

We launch the “O, Christmas tree” campaign and we encourage people to have for the holidays alternative Christmas trees, such as trees especially grown in a tree nursery, a tree in a pot or any other handmade eco-friendly version.

On December 13th, at Romanian Athenaeum, the children from Symbol choir sang in four different languages a reinterpreted version of the carol “O, Christmas tree”, anchored in the reality of what happens today with natural fir forests. Follow our page for details next days.

Thank you Friends \ TBWA, Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations and Symbol Choir for the involvement:

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