During the last days, Mike Townsend and Austin Brady from The Woodland Trust visited the FCC area together with FCC board member Paul Lister. The Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity of Great Britainand such interested in organisations, which have similar goals and activities.

We showed Mike and Austin around our project area, visited CARPATHIA restoration sites, and gave them a good overview over the activities and the vision of FCC. The representatives of the Woodland Trust applauded to the decision of the Romanian government to initiate the process of a Fagaras Mountains National Park – we will be sure the next steps here will be closely observed and followed in the UK. FCC and The Woodland Trust will now explore opportunities for a strategic partnership between the two organisations to support the conservation of forests in general and the development of a Fagaras Mountains National Park!


01_Group Poiana Tamas 02_Hike Dealul Sasului 03_Richita 04_Poiana Tamas 05_Helicopter 06_Helicopter_2 07_Papusa Mountain 08_Iezer Papusa 09_Moldoveanu Peak 10_Vistea Mare Valley11_Vistea Mare Virgin Forests


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