Another year passed, and FCC is now 7 years old! Seven years of undeniable results in conservation, ecological reconstruction, wildlife management and involvement in communities. Years of scientific research, monitoring, replanting, erosion control, patrolling to prevent illegal cuttings and other violations of protected area regulations, contribution in working groups and on events, environmental education in high schools and gymnasiums, development of our organic farm in Cobor, and years of challenges.

Just in the last 10 days of December, we have bought another 950 ha of forest, 18.454 ha of forests and alpine meadows are now under the protection of our project and managed under our conservation philosophy.

We are content with all our results so far and thankful for all the support we have received from Romania and abroad, from all our small and large donors, all people who understand how important and vital conservation is.

We want to thank our volunteers, fellow conservationists, NGO’s, authorities and to you, our followers on Facebook and for all the support and assistance.

A big thank you to our team of rangers, forest engineers, biologists, specialists in protected areas, economists, lawyers, administrative personal and farm staff – all people dedicated to their jobs and to our common cause!

We look forward to continue our efforts in 2017 and hope to find many more supporters throughout the next year!

Happy New Year!

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