Făgăraș Fest 2021 – Făgăraș Mountains festival, a manifest event for the benefit of people and nature

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The second edition of the Făgăraș Fest event brought together in Nucșoara, Argeș County, this weekend, over 1,000 lovers of nature and local culture. For three days, at the foot of Moldoveanu Peak, the highest massif in Romania, we had concerts, local gastronomy workshops and guided tours for flora and fauna enthusiasts from the Carpathians.

After a break of one year, Făgăraș Fest, the festival at the foot of the mountains, returned with more good music and interactive activities. Between 6th – 8th August, Nucșoara commune in Argeș county hosted one of the most important events of nature and cultural heritage of the Făgăraș Mountains.

This year’s edition was rich in activities and workshops for children and adults, lovers of nature, adventure and local culture, lovers of traditional dishes, history and theatre, photography, nature movies and even yoga, at the foot mountains.

This year’s edition of the Făgăraș Fest festival comes as a breath of fresh air after a long period of restrictions,” said Mara Bulea, event manager, Propark – Foundation for Protected Areas, “and so, we emphasize the joy of children and the relaxation of adults, in a special natural setting, with the wonderful people of Nucșoara. I think it is the right time for us all to enjoy the Făgăraș Mountains and the culture of the local communities.

Făgăraș Mountains Festival in support of local communities

Făgăraș Fest is not only about the secular, virgin forests, some of the last oxygen corners of Europe, it is not only about the natural riches we find in these forests, but it is also about the people who have always taken care of this inheritance, who carved their lives around nature and these incredible places. Nature has imprinted ancient habits into people’s lives; nature has been a relief to these people in the difficult times of life and a place of protection in challenging historical times.

Făgăraș Fest managed to gather all these customs and stories and, with the help of the people from Nucșoara and the participants in the festival, had the opportunity to get to know the area in depth. The festival provided a source of income for local communities who were able to monetize the cultural values of the area, whether we are talking about craft, history, selected dishes or accommodation. During the festival, the entire Nucșoara area was 100% occupied, including classic accommodation spaces (pensions, hotels), local hosts and offers of camping spaces.

Events that respect people and nature are an important source of income in local communities and represent the future of sustainable development of communities in the Făgăraș Mountains area.

About Făgăraș Fest

Făgăraș Fest celebrates Nature and the People who live at the foot of the Făgăraș Mountains. The event is part of the initiative of Conservation Carpathia and Propark  – Foundation for Protected Areas to promote the uniqueness and beauty of natural areas in Romania and to draw attention to the importance of protecting the largest wild forests on the continent, for the benefit of humans and nature. It also aims to help local communities find solutions for the production and promotion of quality local products and the preservation of this special rural landscape.

Every year, each event is unique and takes place in a different community along the Făgăraș mountain range. The event has a minimum impact on nature and a maximum influence on the sustainable development of the locals, an interesting mix of nature, local culture, different activities and experiences, clean and healthy food, well-being and relaxation. The festival is a good event model to be replicated in mountain communities.

We are glad that this year we managed to meet again with those who love the Făgăraș Mountains at a new edition of Făgăraș Fest,” said Ioana Mehedin, communications director, Conservation Carpathia. “The first edition, in 2019, that took place in Lerești, Argeș County, was a very good starting point for the Făgăraș Fest tradition, and this year’s edition in Nucșoara, Argeș, confirmed to us that people, both locals and the visitors and those who love the Făgăraș, need this kind of event to celebrate with respect and responsibility the natural and cultural riches of these unique mountains in Europe. We are proud to be part of this festival and we can’t wait to see you again in 2022 at a new edition of Făgăraș Fest,” continued Ioana.

Făgăraș Fest 2021 would not have been possible without the support of friends and partners of the event. As such, the gratitude and thanks of the organizers go to: Nucșoara City Hall, Vinyl Rum Tapas & Wine, Radio Guerrilla, Bogdan Domain, Coffee Tailoring, Delicacies from Poiana Fermecată, Transilvania Film, Milvus Group, Romanian Wildlife Society, Photolife, NTD Film, Caezu, Muscel TV, Argeș TV, CLAR TV Muscel, Radio Romania Brașov FM, Muscel FM, Ziarul din Muscel, Jurnalul de Argeș and Argeș Express.