Forest History

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The older students from the Natura2000 site Râul Targului – Râuşor – Argeşel, respectively the 9th grade and the 11th grade, environmental protection profile, of the Victor Slăvescu Technological High School from Rucăr, were invited to participate actively in the Forest History project.

The students from the 11th grade have launched an invitation to be the authors of an electronic booklet about the history of forests from the protected area, based on the sources identified by themselves, having as a starting point a structure established by the Carpathia specialists.

We wanted to create a different learning context whereby students of the 11th grade can discover the history of forests in their own area by using different sources of information: monographs, site legends, interviews with the eldest inhabitants of the site, toponymy, forestry specialists, internet etc.

We encourage long-term thinking and we want young people to become active, responsible citizens so that in the last chapter of the electronic booklet, 11th grade students are invited to come up with their recommendations on responsible forest management for the future. The students of the 9th grade, Environmental Protection profile, from Victor Slăvescu Technological High School from Rucăr, were invited to participate in the project actions.

They will actively participate in the development of the thematic trail “Forest History” in Sătic area, a thematic trail dedicated to children and to all who love nature. Students of the 9th grade will have the opportunity to see and understand how to plan a thematic trail in the field, to offer input on the panels design for Carpathia team and to accompany the first visitors on the thematic trail, to provide feedback and to propose solutions for nature interpretation and guidance trough the trail, from the perspective of the target group.