From the Făgăraș Mountains to the Alpin Film Festival 2021

By 13 September 2021 No Comments

The Alpin Film Festival, 7th – 12th September, is the largest event in Romania dedicated to mountain art and culture. The festival has already reached its sixth edition, and we were happy to be once more partner of this special cultural phenomenon, which was part of this year’s Green Cities Forum events series.

Conservation Carpathia was once again partner of the Alpin Film Festival, the first and largest event in Romania dedicated to mountain art and culture. The festival brought to Brașov guests from the country and abroad and over 50 films from around the world. The selection of films inspired by the theme of environmental protection and important topics related to the protection of nature and mountains, and the promotion of beautiful places, turned the sixth edition of ALPIN FILM FESTIVAL into a meeting place of the most beautiful mountain stories.

The Făgăraș Mountains could not have missed out, so Conservation Carpathia was present at the event with surprising images from our fieldwork, with activities and outdoor nature games for children and parents, with all the results of our activities so far and with a bit of the taste of the Făgăraș Mountains, promoting the products we deliver through our Food HUB.

We watched the screenings of the best mountain films, we participated in photography exhibitions, book launches and conferences with international participation concerning the most burning issues of the mountain areas at the moment. The most popular artistic project of the moment, the documentary Wild Romania was screened during the event and received the special award of the festival. The award is given annually to the documentary that best promotes the Carpathian Mountains, and this year it was offered by Conservation Carpathia.

“Dan and Cosmin worked for 10 years on this extraordinary documentary, and the result is a passion beyond any limits, an extraordinary work, which I have never seen anywhere before, especially with the budget they had available. It is remarkable and I congratulate them once again for this project so valuable for Romania.” said Christoph Promberger, executive director Conservation Carpathia.
“Until yesterday, if the word ‘wild’ was associated in Romania with the meaning of uncivilized and had the connotation of something negative, now, after this film, Dan Dinu and Cosmin Dumitrache managed to change the meaning of the Romanian Language Dictionary! From now on WILD means beautiful, it means something with a soul, and it has become something FANTASTIC! Thank you, Dan Dinu and Cosmin Dumitrache! Congratulations Wild Romania!” continued Christoph Promberger.
Over 5,000 mountain lovers were present at the events organized in Brașov, Predeal and Râșnov, and several thousand others watched the live broadcasts distributed on the Facebook page of the festival. Congratulations to the organizers and thanks to all the guests for the opportunity to see us again embracing our main topic: the mountains!