International Day of Forests

By 21 March 2017 No Comments

Today FCC celebrates The International day of Forests: we have started spring replanting campaign! Wish us good luck and good weather!

We have two directions this season:

• replanting on abusive clear-cut areas, on 98 ha with 390.000 fir, beech, spruce, alder and sycamore saplings, part of Life+ project

• replanting to supplement natural regeneration, on 19 ha with 80.000 fir, beech, spruce and sycamore saplings

Thinking on how difficult it is, we want to thank all the people involved, the fundraisers, the donors, foundations and corporations that support us, the people that do the actual planting and the coordinators that take care of the success of the restoration. From personal experience, we can tell you that it is much more hard to repair than is to conserve!

You want to join our cause, if you stand for conservation and if you want to support replanting clear-cut areas, you can donate on or redirect 2% of the taxes (only for people with income in Romania).