‘Întrecerea gulașurilor’, an event with good taste, invites you to the Cobor Biodiversity Farm

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The Cobor Biodiversity Farm invites lovers of good taste and nature to the ‘Întrecerea gulașurilor’ (goulash competition), on 14th October, an event for the general public and cooking enthusiasts. Seven teams will compete to prepare the tastiest goulash, the star ingredient being Transylvanian Grey Cattle meat. Event participants will enjoy a variety of tastes and flavours, get to decide on the best goulash by voting in the ‘public vote’ section and spend a beautiful day in nature.

Tickets are available on and children up to 6 years old are free of charge.

On 14th October, in Cobor village, Ticuș commune, Brașov County, the ‘Goulash Competition’ will take place, a tasty event to enjoy with friends and family. The event is organised by the Cobor Biodiversity Farm and Foundation Conservation Carpathia. The main ingredient of the goulash is meat from Transylvanian Grey cattle, a high-quality product from the farm. The goulash comes with an autumn experience at the farm, the smell of fruit-bearing trees and winter-ready hay, a farm tour, activities for families, children and walks in the mild October sun.

Teams can register from 12th September to 10th October 2023 by completing the registration form.

The three tastiest goulashes will be judged by a panel of experts and will each be awarded a stay at the Cobor Biodiversity Farm. The public will also be able to vote for their favourite team and they will receive a special prize.

The criteria for teams participating in the cooking competition are as follows:

  • Seven teams of a minimum of three and a maximum of five people who have reached the age of 18 at the start of the ‘Întrecerea gulașurilor’ can participate. The registration and participation of the teams is free of charge.
  • On the morning of the competition, each member of the team must present a certificate from their family doctor (or specialist) confirming that they are fit to prepare, cook and serve food.
  • It is necessary to prove the origin of the ingredients and products used (with the exception of the meat provided by the organisers) and their quality by presenting: a certificate of origin, a declaration of conformity, an invoice, a tax receipt and/or a copy of the veterinary certificate.

We support local producers and farmers, so we encourage teams taking part in the competition to buy local produce.

Întrecerea gulașurilor’, an event for the whole family

As part of the event, participants are invited to take a tour of the farm, where they will meet the horses in the fields, the Carpathian shepherd dogs and the Transylvanian Grey Cattle grazing freely on the meadows of the Cobor Biodiversity Farm.

If you come to the event with children, you can also sign up for a nature and history challenge. You will follow clues through the village and discover the nature and history of the Transylvanian village of Cobor.

Goulash is the star of the lunch and the afternoon is dedicated to relaxation and good music.

Transylvanian Grey Cattle, a breed of cattle with a history of over 500 years in Europe

Foundation Conservation Carpathia has brought back the Transylvanian Grey Cattle to the Cobor Biodiversity Farm, after a period in which it had almost disappeared from the Transylvanian landscape. The historic breed is now appreciated for its beauty, its contribution to the conservation of the natural landscape and for its high-quality meat.

The Transylvanian Grey Cattle is a semi-wild species that lives outside 365 days a year and contributes to the traditional management of the High Nature Value (HNV) meadows around the village of Cobor. The natural wealth of this area is thus preserved through the use of sustainable land-use systems, with cattle grazing being considered the most appropriate way to maintain the biodiversity of the meadows.

The Transylvanian Grey Cattle meat is prized in the world of gourmet cuisine for its unique flavour, which comes from the intake of herbs and spices from the biodiverse pastures.

About Cobor Biodiversity Farm

Foundation Conservation Carpathia is developing a project in the village of Cobor, Brașov County, for biodiversity conservation and sustainable pasture management, while promoting ecotourism in the farms it has revived through a restoration process that respects local architecture. The farm is a green business that keeps a small village alive and proves that there is development through conservation.