Mapping of torrential dams

By 16 December 2013 No Comments

This December we finalised mapping the torrential dams from Upper Dâmboviţa Valley and its tributaries, along with Cuca and Bătrâna creeks. We identified 121 dams, out of which 31 are damaged and 6 demolished. Dams’ average height is 2.4 m, which significantly prevents fish from passing. From the entire dams, only 7 are provided with fish ladders. However, they are unfortunately inefficient given a number of construction flaws. About 77% of the dams are almost fully clogged with deposits (up to 80%), proving that the dams have accomplished their mission. Something worth mentioning is that everywhere around dams, alder galleries are completely missing or degraded, due to the spruce plantations introduced during the communist regime. Alder galleries represent a natural and efficient protection in counteracting torrential spring rains.