Meet the winning projects of the Carpathia Fund grants

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In February we have launched the second edition of the Carpathia Fund grants for schools, NGOs and initiative groups in Țara Făgărașului. With the help of the Țara Făgărașului Community Foundation we are taking decisive steps to involve communities in developing a responsible relationship with nature.

We are pleased to announce that we reached the end of the selection process and awarded the five grants. The winning projects aim to contribute to the protection of nature and the improvement of the quality of life for the members of the communities in Țara Făgărașului. We congratulate those from the Aproape De Natură Association, the ‘General Ioan Boeriu’ Secondary School (Recea), the S.O.S Țara Făgărașului Association, Transilvania Epica Association and Mândra Initiative Group and we wish them plenty of success in the implementation of their projects.

‘VEGETAL PROJECT’ – Initiative Group Mândra

The project intends to organize five workshops to identify the vegetation and fauna specific to the area, in all five villages of Mândra commune; to create an exhibition circuit derived from the experience of the workshops; to set up a local archive, as well as to create a collection of crocheted toys, inspired by plants and animals specific to the area.

Grant awarded: 23,950 lei

‘Green Roots’ – ‘General Ioan Boeriu’ Secondary School, Recea

Objective: to create a podcast studio that will address topics related to the importance of environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. Listeners will receive accurate and relevant information about environmental and biodiversity issues. When they better understand the impact of their actions on ecosystems, they will be more motivated to adopt sustainable practices.

Grant awarded: 25,602 lei

‘Nature’s Little Explorers’ – Transylvania Epică Association

The aim of the project is to develop the environmental awareness of the secondary school students in the community. The team intends to organize a series of nature camps and interactive workshops on various themes.

Grant awarded: 15,375 lei

‘Healthy Food from the Sun – SUNFOOD Laboratory’- S.O.S. Țara Făgărașului Association

The project aims to create an educational space for children in the Făgăraș area, where at least 25 educational activities regarding the identification and use of wild flora will be carried out. A specialised container will be purchased, which will allow the activities to take place regardless of weather conditions.

Grant awarded: 29,750 lei

‘Outdoor Education’ – Close to Nature Association

Aimed at children from Hârseni and Recea, this project plans to develop specialised outdoor education programs. five-day camps, weekend camps and one-day activities will bring students into a natural environment conducive to learning.

Grant awarded: 11,853 lei

The deadline for the projects’ completion is 22nd of November 2024.

About ‘Carpathia Fund’

The community grants programme, part of Carpathia Fund, is an initiative of Foundation Conservation Carpathia, implemented in Țara Făgărașului by Țara Făgărașului Community Foundation (FCTF). The programme was launched in 2023 and offers non-refundable grants and scholarships to NGOs, initiative groups and students belonging to the communities in Țara Făgărașului. Through this fund, grant category, we finance projects that focus on environmental education, biodiversity and nature in the aforementioned region.


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