Press conference

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A press conference was held to promote the activities of the Forest History Project, a project funded by the Environmental Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania, implemented by the Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

The whole project is based on the idea of learning by experience and the reconnection of local communities with forests around them. In this regard, the press conference took place as an interactive lesson, attended by students of the 11th grade, environmental protection profile, “Victor Slăvescu” Technological High School Rucăr, the future authors of the electronic booklet “The history of the forest”. The project activities were presented, discussions were held on the importance of protected areas, the role of the forest and the human impact on it, the students were involved in various practical applications, which were meant to guide them to their own conclusions and to offer them the possibility to understands the role of the forest from the perspective of its “inhabitants”: wild animals, birds, tree species, rivers, etc.