Progress in spruce monoculture conversion

By 20 November 2016 No Comments

Considering the harsh and fast changing weather conditions that characterized this autumn, we managed to find only one short opportunity lasting 1 day, to plant saplings in Lerești Valley. Such we could make one little step forward in the conversion of spruce monocultures, a unique type of ecological restoration activity which you cannot find anywhere in the country. The total number of saplings planted was 2,250 beech (Fagus sylvatica), all planted under the spruce forest canopy, in places where the density of trees was decreased through specific forestry thinning operations, done just 2 months before.

We covered an area of 7.0 ha and increased the overall progress in the conversion of artificial spruce forests to 177 ha, (44 % of the objective).

Hopefully next year’s weather will be more favorable and we will soon reach a total of 400 ha of spruce monocultures covered with natural species of the original mountain forests.