Protected Areas Week

By 17 September 2017 No Comments

We have joined the Protected Areas Week event, organized by Propark Foundation for Protected Areas, September 11-17, 2017. On Wednesday we have participated in the Open Doors Day, at the National Research and Development Institute for Forestry in Brasov. Thursday, at a central cofee shop, we have discussed with concerned citizens about practical solutions related to nature protection, having 3 subjects: forests, water and waste. And on Saturday, we have organised in partnership with the City Hall of Brasov a forest parade, with saplings from one of the tree nurseries funded by Life+ project. A children’s event, sprinkled with joy and games related to habitats and environment. The children of the newly created club “The Forest Brotherhood” have promised they will protect nature! And the story of protected areas, the environment, wildlife does not end today!

What do you do for air, soil or water every week?