Rehabilitation center opened at Cobor Farm

By 11 April 2016 No Comments

We have now finished our rehab center for horses at our Cobor Farm and welcomed the first horses. It offers ten 4×4 m boxes with the possibility to extend them into small paddocks of up to additional 4x6m. A round pen and a variety of smaller or larger pastures allow the healing and rehabilitation process to develop step by step.
The horses are under the regular observation surveillance of our regional vet and of our keeper/trainer that takes care of them. They have access to grass and hay from our meadows in Cobor, which are so rich and juicy.

The center allows a flexible rehabilitation under controlled conditions in an area with good climate and clean air. And our prices are much lower than a comparable place in Bucharest or any of the larger city: 250 Euro/month with food included.

Please contact us if you are interested to box your rehab horse at the Cobor farm!