The results of LIFE+ project

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We are pleased to share with you the results of the project “Ecological restoration of forest and aquatic habitats in the upper Dambovița Valley, Făgăraș Mountains” LIFE11/NAT/RO/823. The 5,8 million Euro project, financed by the European Commission (50%) , FCC and partners (50%) helped us secure 1,600 ha of forest for conservation and for ecological reconstruction.


  • Secured 293 ha of pristine forests in the upper Dambovița Valley and the upper Lerești Valley, introducing it into the National Catalogue of virgin and semi-virgin forests
  • Replanted 400 ha of clear-cuts
  • 1,200,000 saplings used
  • Setting up 3 tree nurseries for specific forest species
  • 17,000 m of erosion tracks repaired and replanted
  • 210 ha of spruce monocultures converted towards natural forests
  • 23 km of water courses restored with Alnus glutinosa, Fraxinus excelsior, and Alnus incana (91E0*)
  • 300 seasonal workers were hired from the local communities
  • Students and teachers involved in ecological education activities
  • Actions to elaborate and implement a river restoration plan, in close co-operation with the Ministry of Environment and the Administration for Water Management “Apele Romane”, to enable upstream fish migration.

There were 6 years of committed involvement with successful results and we invite you to see these in the field, and via the materials we will share with you.