The thematic trail: execution

By 29 May 2017 No Comments

We started the work on the thematic trail “Forest History”, in Satic area of Argeş County. After a detailed field research of the proposed trail and its navigation with the GPS, after the agreement of the owners in the area, we actually started working on the trail: we set the materials and the type of panels we need, the elements of nature interpretation and last but not least the suprise elements that tourists will discover on the trail. Of course, the hardest physical work followed: installing the interpretive panels on the trail and crossing the route with heavy pillars behind.

The new visiting infrastructure will offer children and tourists of all ages the opportunity to explore the forest and learn interesting information about the protected area – Natura2000 site Râul Târgului – Râuşor – Argeşel, in an interesting way. The thematic trail Forest History is the first environmental education tool in our protected area and will be a good opportunity for outdoor lessons, exploration learning, as well as an easy way to turn a hike into an interactive experience.