URSUS contributes to the protection of bear habitats in the Făgăraș Mountains together with Foundation Conservation Carpathia

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Ursus will contribute one percent of the value of its sales of limited edition URSUS Premium products from November 2022 to January 2023 to Foundation Conservation Carpathia, to support the protection of both the bear habitats in the Făgăraș Mountains and the local communities. The initiative is carried out under the ‘Listen to the bear in you and do good’ and URSUS social responsibility strategy.

The partnership between URSUS and Conservation Carpathia occurred in response to an existing situation that has been growing in recent years. Due to the decrease in bear habitat (blamed on deforestation and building developments), both bears and the local population are suffering. Through the ‘Listen to the bear in you and do good’ campaign, URSUS and Conservation Carpathia aim to contribute to restoring the natural balance and maintaining the valuable biodiversity of the Făgăraș Mountains.

“The King of Beer, who has proudly worn the bear symbol for over 140 years, is involved in social responsibility projects to benefit the King of the Forest,” said Iulia Andreșoiu, Vice President Marketing Ursus Breweries. “We want to contribute to the restoration of the bears’ natural habitat, but also to the protection of the local community, with the support of Conservation Carpathia. The decision of the partnership to strengthen the Foundation’s efforts was made on the basis that the solution offered for this cause is comprehensive in addressing the perspective of the bears as well as the local communities in the vicinity. We hope that this campaign will become a tradition over time and invite consumers to join us in this cause.

“Conservation Carpathia has been involved in projects to protect biodiversity and local communities since 2009 and we are glad to have found in URSUS a reliable partner who understands the need for such actions, beneficial both for people and for the bear species in the Făgăraș Mountains,” added Mihai Zotta, Conservation Director, Foundation Conservation Carpathia. “Bear monitoring studies using DNA methods, forest protection and ecological reconstruction measures, the creation and maintenance of rapid intervention teams to manage conflicts between bears and humans, and prevention measures are among the most important actions we are developing for the benefit of the species and the people in the project area. We also hope to have the support of the general public in this initiative and with positive short and long term impact alike.

At the end of the campaign, the amount will be handed over to Foundation Conservation Carpathia to be invested in concrete actions to support the local population. In order to raise awareness of this cause, for the first time the URSUS brand is temporarily changing the packaging of the Ursus Premium portfolio of products, replacing the iconic logo with the image of the brown Carpathian bear.

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