VlogONcello in the Fagaras Mountains

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Conservation Carpathia Foundation and cellist Radu Croitoru bring music and stories of the people from the communities of the Fagaras Mountains together in a unique journey.

From 21 to 24 October, the cello will be heard in Nucșoara, Sătic, Rucăr, Avrig and Făgăraș, in non-conventional spaces, but also in the workshops of local producers and craftsmen, as part of the project “Vlogoncello in the Făgăraș Mountains”.

Radu Croitoru is a travelling musician, a young cellist born in Chisinau. A graduate of the National University of Music in Bucharest, Radu Croitoru has performed solo and chamber music recitals in the country and abroad. He is currently a member of the Brasov Philharmonic and founder of the VlogONcello media project.

Accompanied by his cello, Radu begins a new journey at the foot of the Făgăraș Mountains, in search of people, crafts and lesser known places.

Through “VlogONcello in the Făgăraș Mountains”, Radu Croitoru, supported by the Conservation Carpathia Foundation, aims to play for people, to create unexpected moments in their lives, to offer the craft and sound of the cello in exchange for a local craft, thus sharing the joy of making music with local people.

Watch the VlogONCello recitals in the Făgăraș Mountains!

Friday, October 21, Nucșoara
– 12:30 pm – concert in the courtyard of Nucșoara Secondary School
– on the Via Valahia history road with Constantin Berevoianu, founding member of the Nucșoara Mountain Rescue Association
– meeting with Ion Rodoș, wood carver
Saturday, 22 October, Sătic, Rucăr
– 11:00 – how a forest is born, visit to the nursery of the Conservation Carpathia Foundation in Sătic
– music of the Rucăr whirlwind
– stories about crafts that last through people (exchange of experience with local producers)
Sunday 23 October, Rucăr
– 11:00 – recital at the autumn brunch in Rucăr
– Monday 24 October, Avrig and Făgăraș
– 11:00 – recital at the foot of the Făgăraș Mountains, Avrig Valley area
– 14:00 – a get-together at the Avrig Library with Maria Grancea, librarian at the Avrig City Library and museographer at the Avrig City Museum
– a tasteful visit to Casa Terra, Făgăraș with Dana Graura, entrepreneur who has revived and reinterpreted the taste of local cuisine

The whole tour will be documented and presented by Victor Maxian, film director and video reporter Radio Free Europe Chisinau.
The beauty of the Făgăraș Mountains comes from the uniqueness of nature here, but also from the authenticity of the people and the villages at their foot. Radu will discover all this, together with his cello, during a unique journey, and then will share his experiences.

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