We initiate the “Conservation enterprise Programme in the South of the Făgăraș Mountains”

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We launch the Conservation enterprise programme for entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs in the Southern Făgăraș Mountains” Program – for entrepreneurs who aim to develop nature-based businesses that can contribute to the conservation of natural resources in the area.

  • Do you live in one of the localities located in the southern part of the Făgăraș Mountains?
  • Do you have a business or business idea related to nature that you would like to develop?
  • Are you reconfiguring your business in the context of the effects of the pandemic?
  • Are you proud of the natural riches of the Făgăraș Mountains?
  • Or, simply, would you like to develop an economic activity based on nature and you don’t know where to start?

The program developed by the Foundation offers a complex process of consultancy and technical assistance in choosing and accessing business financing sources, adapted to the development needs of those enrolled. Here are some topics that will be addressed in the consulting process: marketing and business promotion, financing opportunities, steps to start a business, etc.

The program does not provide funding. The consultancy and technical assistance process will be tailored to the specific needs of business development and will be provided by representatives from Foundation Conservation Carpathia, with the support of the project’s partner, Conservation Capital, UK.

Please enrol in the program business or business ideas that:

  • aim to use/process natural resources responsibly;
  • create services based on nature (tourism, recreational services, development of accommodation units that respect the landscape and the architectural tradition of the area);
  • can contribute to the conservation of natural resources in the area;
  • create jobs for local communities.

See MAP.

The program is carried out according to the following plan:

  • registration by filling in an online form – 29 September – 9 October, 2020
  • contacting registered persons/ companies and identifying development needs – 10 October – 10 November, 2020;
  • organizing the first meeting with those enrolled in the program in the second half of November;
  • consultancy and technical assistance – November 2020 – March 2021.

The development of this programme is carried out within the project ‘Creation of a Wilderness Reserve in the Făgăraș Mountains, Romania’, funded by the European Commission under the LIFE program and implemented by the Foundation Conservation Carpathia in partnership with the other Carpathia entities and other organisations. It proposes the development of a conservation-based economy, combining the local economy, development and jobs with long-term nature conservation objectives in the Făgăraș Mountains. The project does not provide funding, it will support the establishment and development of at least 10 functional green businesses that will create a sustainable economy, are friendly to the environment and that will positively influence living in local communities.