Who we are


Toby Aykroyd


Director of Wild Europe with excellent contacts to Brussels. Plays the drum for Romanian nature at the various EU levels.

Charlie Burrell


Owner of Knepp Estate, an emblematic re-wildling project in the Southeast of Britain. President of FCC.

Dan Dimăncescu


Honorary Consul–General of Romania (Boston); Executive Producer Kogainon Films (Boston)

Nik Leuthold


Rock climber, journalist, activist and head of Temperatio Foundation.

Paul Lister


President and founder of The European Nature Trust. An important ambassador for the natural world of Romania and a genius in networking.

Anders Holch Povlsen


Danish entrepreneur and one of Europe’s foremost land conservationists.

Christof Schenck


Executive director of Frankfurt Zoological Society. Brings the expertise of dozens of conservation projects worldwide to FCC. Vice-president of FCC.

Ovidiu Șandor


Entrepreneur from Timișoara and owner of a vast collection of arts. Helps organise support from the Romanian business world.

Hansjörg Wyss


One of the most important conservation philanthropists in history. Commutes in perpetuity between Switzerland, the USA, and the various project sites of the Wyss Foundation.

Hedwig Wyss


Founder of Temperatio Foundation. Big supporter of natural and old cultivated landscapes.



Barbara Promberger-Fuerpass (Executive Director)

Christoph Promberger (Executive Director)

Adrian Aldea (Wildlife Management Biologist)

Cristina Antonescu (Development Manager)

Simona-Elena Bordea (Tourism Manager)

Daniel Bucur (Project Coordination Team Leader)

Victoria Donos (Communications director)

Irinel Gavriliu (Manager Cobor biodiversity farm)

Ruben Iosif (Wildlife Research Biologist)

Ciprian Maghiari (Chief Financial Officer)

Ioana Alexandra Mehedin (Communications director, maternity leave)

Oliviu Pop (Biologist, Responsible Leaota Conservation Plan)

Ioana Săvulescu (Legal director)

Istvan Szabo (Conservation Enterprise Manager)

Mihai Zotta (Conservation director)


Georgiana Andrei (Communications specialist)

Adriana Bărbat (Accounting Department)

Angela Boghiu (Communications specialist)

Alina-Mihaela Brumă (Legal Department Assistant)

Aida Catană (expert in funds)

Adrian Ciurea (Infrastucture manager)

Anda Cojocaru (Financial Controller, maternity leave)

Cristina Grigore (Chief Accountant, Accounting Department)

Robin Johnson (Conservation specialist)

Dragoș Lazarin (Communications and Community Outreach)

Diana Andreea Lazăr (Legal Department Assistant)

Mihai Mitu (Cook)

Elena Moldovan (Accountant, maternity leave)

Adrian Pătrulescu (GIS expert)

Vasilica Pintilie (Accountant)

Andreea Sumedrea (Financial Controller)

Andrei Strugariu (Senior Administrative Assistant)

Elena Șerban (Forest Service Department)

Georgiana Tarnea (Chief Financial controller)

Adina Teslaru (Accountant, Accounting Department)

Cristian Urdea (Cook)

Marius Ursăciuc (Logistics Manager)

Cosmin Vorovenci (Conservation Enterprise Officer)

Field Team

Cătălin Achim (Ranger)

George Daniel Bădileanu (Restoration worker)

Ciprian Belu (Bison tehnician)

Daniel Bîrloiu (Ranger)

Ion Bughianu (Game warden)

Liviu Bulgaru (Ranger)

Robert Bulgaru (Ranger)

Aron Busuioc (Ranger)

Ionuț Cioacă (Ecological restoration engineer)

Ion Ciubuc (Ranger)

Ion Chirocea (Restoration worker)

Aron Cojocaru (Ranger)

Marius Cotîrleț (Game warden)

Ionuț Crețu (Chief Ranger)

Constantin Diaconescu (Ranger)

Lorin Diaconescu (Ranger)

Sorin Diaconescu (Ranger)

Marius Drugă (Wildlife biologist)

Gabriel Dorin Dudu (Game warden)

Dragos Duruian (Game warden)

Nandor Eros (Biologist)

Valeriu Ganci (Ranger)

Răducu Geantă (Ranger)

Octavian Gheorma (Machine Operator)

Adrian George Idor (Ranger)

Ionuț Daniel Ionașcu (Ranger)

Cosmin Mihai (Ranger)

Zsolt Miholcea (Senior wildlife ranger)

Ioan Moșu (Game Warden)

Ioana Moșu (Bison technician)

Dan Nicolae (Wildlife Ranger)

George Nicolae (Restoration Worker)

Alexandru Oprei (Ranger)

Ionuț Preda (Machine Operator)

Adelin Simion (Ranger)

Constantin Simion (Chief Ranger)

Călin Șerban (Bison reintroduction specialist)

Dan David Zârnovan (Ranger)

Codruț Voinescu (Chief Ranger)

Liviu Ungureanu (Beaver reintroduction specialist)

Ionuț Țoanță (Ranger)

Laviniu Terciu (Chief Ranger wildlife intervention team)

Toma Șerb (Ranger)

Bogdan Sulică (Chief Ranger wildlife intervention team)

Adelin Simion (Ranger)

Constantin Simion (Chief Ranger)

Cobor Farm

Anna Babeș (Farm worker)

Robert Valentin Botoș (Farm worker)

Szilard Botos (Farm worker)

George Costan (Hospitality coordinator)

Erika Füzi (Farm worker)

Irinel Gavriliu (Farm manager)

Levente Istok (Farm worker)

Jozsef Laszlo (Hospitality coordinator)

Viorel Marian (Farm worker)

Mihail Mihalache (Farm worker)

Nicolae Otvos (Farm worker)

Daniela Pasăre (Farm worker)

Ioan Nicolae Pinzeș (Farm worker)

Lorand Trimfa (Farm worker)

Adrian Florin Veconi (Farm worker)

Mariana Olimpia Volga (Farm worker)


Ruth Rusby (Professor proofreader English)

Sebastian Kortemeyer (Proofreader German)


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