Winners of the ‘Adopt a Corner of Nature’ competition and the trip to the Bavarian Forest National Park



The ‘Adopt a Corner of Nature’ competition organised by Foundation Conservation Carpathia and the Bavarian Forest National Park was enthusiastically received by children from the communities around the Făgăraș Mountains. Pupils from more than 15 local communities took part in the competition and shared their love for nature in creative and interesting works.

‘Adopt a Corner of Nature’ is an initiative of Foundation Conservation Carpathia and aims to increase the interest and direct involvement of young people in nature conservation. The 15 children who will adopt a corner of nature and go on a trip to the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany are:


Naum Iulia Rucăr
Răuță Alexandru Ioan Dragoslavele
Indreica Darius Florin Avrig
Baroș Ștefania Nicoleta Rucăr
Cojocaru Rareș Sătic
Bogdan Andreea Denisa Drăguș
Soare Erika Ștefania Rucăr
Marina Teodor Gabriel Runcu
Urdea Elena Olimpia Rucăr
Manea Larisa Nicola Runcu
Sucaciu Maria Drăguș
Galan Ionatan Emanuel Recea
Tamași Rareș Ioan Valea Mare Pravat
Sprâncenatu Eduard Arpașu de Jos
Diaconu Adrian Dragoslavele


The trip to the Bavarian Forest National Park will take place from 23rd to 29th July and the students will be accompanied by representatives of Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

Now that the projects have been selected, it’s time for the Foundation’s team to help the children turn theory into practice. During the summer, the children will attend online meetings where they will learn more about nature, its protection and how to promote their adopted corner of nature on social media.

Foundation Conservation Carpathia is the largest private forest conservation project in Europe, helping to restore the natural ecosystems of the Carpathian Mountains for the benefit of biodiversity and local communities. Since 2009, the Foundation has saved over 27,000 hectares of forests and alpine meadows in the southeastern Southern Carpathians from deforestation and acquired them for conservation purposes, planted over 4.1 million seedlings and ecologically restored over 1,991 hectares affected by deforestation and created a 78,000-hectare no-take zone for sport and trophy hunting.