We invite you to hike into fascinating voyages of discovery!

Our invitation

Connect with nature, enjoy nature, try traditional foods, get a taste of the local identity.

Find exciting things to do, whether you are visiting the mountains, the villages or the hills and pastures in between.

Foundation Conservation Carpathia supports events in the local communities and their sustainable development.

These events are part of the Foundation Conservation Carpathia’s effort to help local communities work their way towards providing quality products and maintaining our distinctive rural landscape. To survive, the world’s remaining natural landscapes need to prove their economic worth.

The aims of celebrating the local community events are to highlight local biodiversity and to raise awareness the importance of conserving forests and wildlife, both for the forest itself and for the local community whose livelihood depends on this vital natural resource.


Local communities are the key to protected areas, and the Făgăraș Mountains are one of the few remaining large areas without human settlements on our continent. Yet, they are surrounded by 28 communes, who have an important connection to the mountains. Participating in local events, spending time and holidays in our project area represent small ‘investments’ in the local economy that will begin to function by integrating nature conservation and local culture into the economic equation through eco-tourism.

The future of food and the health of the planet is an ever-evolving ethical question. We are inviting you to make choices that reflect both a respect for nature and tradition and the need to make even more sustainable choices that shake up the status quo. So, go slow when you are here.

Eat local, respect traditional food cultures, enjoy the beautiful foods found in nature and be open to new frontiers in sustainable living.

Developing mechanisms to help locals achieve welfare
Continuing traditional practices
Respecting the principles of a sustainable life
Sustaining natural wealth
Preserving local cuisine
Promoting fresh, local, seasonal products
Supporting small food producers
Encouraging and developing eco-tourism
Preserving cultural heritage local history
Promoting, conserving & enhancing biodiversity

We, by organizing events and promoting the beauty of the rural area, are trying to create a chain of village services, from which more locals, in partnership with the environment, would benefit: from those who make the products, to those who cook the food, the hosts that receive you and so on. And for you, our guests, fun and counts, but add to this the pleasant feeling that you are also contributing to the well-being of the locals and to the importance of keeping nature intact.

For more information about sustainable tourism that doesn’t harm the environment while helping the local communities, please visit our tourism website:


Discover our events

With their unique stories and local culinary specialities, these events will provide you with a beautiful combination of culture, activities and food.

Cobor Între Stejari
Carpathia Bike Tour
Făgăraș Fest
Explore the Wilderness - a photography Expedition in Făgăraș Mountains


We are inviting you to the mountains, the Făgăraș Mountains.

From all over the country you can journey to these amazing mountains during weekends and holidays to breathe in that crisp and clean mountain air.

You can choose from thousands of kilometres of marked trails, take some rest in the countryside, experience the local communities living in the vicinity of the Făgăraș Mountains or attend a local event.

All events are related to the Carpathian Mountains, nature conservation and sustainable development of local communities through a new, green economy.

All events are created and organized together with local partners.

Everybody can experience nature and local culture. The main rules are easy: be considerate and thoughtful, pick up your rubbish, and show respect for nature and people.

Photo & Video

Being public events, with the main purpose of promoting the rural areas, the participants give their explicit consent for possible appearances in photographs and/or filming during the events.

Nature and mountain code

  • Plan your trip and inform others about the route you have selected.
  • Adapt the planned routes according to ability and conditions.
  • Pay attention to the weather and the avalanche warnings.
  • Be prepared for bad weather and frost, even on short trips.
  • Bring the necessary equipment so you can help yourself and others.
  • Choose safe routes. Recognize avalanche terrain and unsafe ice.
  • Use a map and a compass. Always know where you are.
  • Don’t be ashamed to turn around.
  • Conserve your energy and seek shelter if necessary.
  • Pick up your rubbish.
  • Show respect for local people and nature .

Five facts about the Făgăraș Mountains

  • The Făgăraș Mountains are one of the few remaining large areas without human settlements on our continent.
  • The Făgăraș Mountains are the highest mountains of the Southern Carpathians, in Romania.
  • Eight of the fourteen peaks above 2500 meters in Romania dominate among its peaks and crests: Moldoveanu 2,544 m and Negoiu 2,535 m, Viștea Mare 2,527 m, Lespezi 2,516 m, Cornul Călțunului 2,510 m, Vânătoarea lui Buteanu 2,507 m, Hârtopul Darei 2,506 m and Dara 2,501 m.
  • You can find many glacier lakes in the Făgăraș Mountains. Bâlea (2034 m, 46,508 m2, 11.35 m deep) is the largest lake.
  • The Făgăraș Mountains feature the most dense water network in Romania. The most popular waterfall of the Fagaras Mountains is called Cascada Bâlea.

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