In memory of Markus Jebsen


Markus Jebsen, FCC founding member and board member ever since, has sadly lost his life in a car accident in South Africa last Sunday. Markus was an exceptional man who loved nature and supported us in our quest to protect the Făgăraș Mountains. He is the one to whom we owe the existence of the Cobor Biodiversity Farm where thousands of people have enjoyed this rebuilt corner of paradise. Markus also purchased 1,000 ha of land in Piatra Craiului and the Făgăraș Mountains for full protection and donated the land to FCC in 2016. He was an invaluable friend, comrade and partner.

We still can’t believe he is no longer physically with us. We are with his family and his loved ones. Our thoughts go out to them and we want to believe that wherever he is, he will continue to watch over us to achieve our goals of protecting and preserving the Făgăraș Mountains.

Have a safe journey, Markus, and thank you for all the good you did!