Learning exchange in Patagonia

By 20 April 2015 No Comments

Between the 24th of March and 17th of April, the executive directors of Foundation Conservation Carpathia, Barbara and Christoph Promberger, together with Daniel Ungureanu, assistant coordinator in the LIFE+ project, have traveled to South America, in a fantastic journey with the purpose of learning from other similar conservation projects. Here, CLT (Conservation Land Trust, a non-profit organization, founded by the American philanthropist Douglas Tompkins) has created several private protected areas, which later have been partially donated to the Argentinian and Chilean state, with the remaining parks to follow. The team has learned a lot about habitat restoration measures, their approaches to the involvement of local communities and strategies for public support, the development of park infrastructure, tourism management, and approaches to wildlife re-introduction and research. The experience acquired is rather unique and the amount of information and strategic advice received are a highly valued input for the further development of the future “CARPATHIA Park”.