Rapid intervention team to solve human – wildlife conflict

By 4 June 2019 No Comments

FCC is establishing the first rapid intervention team to manage human – wildlife conflicts, in the southeast of the Fagaras Mountains. At the end of May, over 20 specialists were trained by ACDB at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre Lepsa, Vrancea county: some of our rangers, hunting area custodians and members of the Arges County Gendarmerie.

ACDB (The Association for Biological Diversity Conservation) has a vast experience in this field. The purpose is to train the team in the theory and practice of solving emergencies caused by  wildlife presence or attacks in the local communities, as well as how to prevent and reduce damage.

FCC will also distribute free electrical fences in high risk areas  and will communicate to the locals the ways of working: providing an emergency phone number for the team.

The development & implementation of activities to manage wildlife and wildlife conflicts is being carried out within the project “Creation of a Wilderness Reserve in the Southern Carpathian Mountains, Romania,” implemented by Foundation Conservation Carpathia, between 2019-2023, with financial support from the Arcadia Foundation through the Endangered Landscapes Program. ELP is managed by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and funded by Arcadia.