25 years of LIFE projects

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In 2012, FCC has started the project “Ecological restoration of forest and aquatic habitats in the upper Dambovita Valley, Fagaras Mountains” LIFE11/NAT/RO/823.

Uncontrolled logging has destroyed significant parts of the forest surface and has even taken a toll on the virgin forests still present in the Dambovita Valley. This project aims to protect remaining wilderness, and to return managed forests back into their natural state. The aquatic and riparian ecosystems have suffered since the 1980ies when a hydro-power plant with numerous river control and regulation structures were built along the Dambovita river and its tributary streams. Here, this initiative aims to elaborate and establish ecologically suitable conditions for the target species without compromising the protection function of the control structures.

Funding structure of the project LIFE11/NAT/RO/823:
European Commission: 2,917,624 € (50%)
FCC and project partners: 2,917,624 € (50%)

May and June 2017 are dedicated to celebrating 25 years of LIFE projects.

This week we have met at Transilvania University in Brasov with important members of the Environment Minister, other Environment Protection officials and colleagues from associations that have accessed Life funding, to present our results at the general meeting and on the field.

• Secured 293 ha of pristine forests in the upper Dambovita Valley and the upper Leresti Valley, introducing it into the National Catalogue of virgin and semi-virgin forests
• Replanted 400 ha of clear-cuts
• 1,200,000 saplings used
• Setting up 3 tree nurseries for specific forest species
• 17,000 m of erosion tracks repaired and replanted
• 210 ha of spruce monocultures converted towards natural forests
• 23 km of water courses restored with Alnus glutinosa, Fraxinus excelsior, and Alnus incana (91E0*)
• Actions to elaborate and implement a river restoration plan, in close co-operation with the Ministry of Environment and the Administration for Water Management

“Apele Române”, to enable upstream fish migration.

And the project continues until June 2018.

Wish us good luck, to successfully finish all the activities!