We are part of the community at Brașov Heroes 2021

By 13 September 2021 No Comments

Conservation Carpathia Foundation was delighted to join ‘Brașov Heroes 2021’ on 12th September, for a philanthropic sports event. This community initiative is organized annually with much dedication and professionalism by the Brașov Community Foundation.

On Sunday, 12th September, we met in the recreational area of Lake Noua in Brașov and cheered for the #Brașovheroes, at the 8th edition of Brașov Heroes 2021. Because we are part of the community, we supported Brașov Heroes 2021 in the role of partner in the family area.
Over 900 participants ran for the 11 subscribed projects and over a thousand spectators came to support their favourites and spend time in the area specially designated for activities and relaxation. The ambassadors of each of the causes managed to mobilize a significant number of supporters who donated for their cause.

At our tent we received important guests: children and parents eager to discover the wild nature of the Făgăraș Mountains, to venture after large carnivores, to play and enjoy a day spent outdoors. We talked about the future of the Făgăraș Mountains, about the generosity with which Nature offers us everything we need and about the importance of preserving it for a life in harmony.

Brașov Heroes is a philanthropic sports event that ignites the people of Brașov through the community obstacle course, which brings together thousands of people who teem in unison, attracted by having fun in nature and by the desire to be empathetic and donate for the community causes. We strongly resonate with these values, believing in the strength of local communities and their ability to mobilize for a better future together, in projects that are for the benefit of people and nature.

By supporting local communities and environmentally friendly initiatives, Conservation Carpathia wants to contribute to improving the lives of people and preserving the ecosystem in the Făgăraș Mountains. We are building a strong partnership for nature and the community around the Făgăraș Mountains, which will bring benefits in the area, without a negative pressure on the natural resources. The local communities around the Făgăraș Mountains need as many local heroes, supporters and good people as possible, who understand the local needs and help to satisfy them through collaboration and working together.